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Contact One started as, and remains, a family owned and operated company.

We began in 1985 in a small suburb of Pittsburgh offering live answering service to local businesses and professionals. With our family members splitting time between answering calls and calling on businesses to offer our service, we grew from 0 to 150 accounts within the first year. We opened a second office in downtown Pittsburgh in 1989 and continued our growth by offering quality personalized answering service at a fair cost.


More than 30 years and 4 office locations later, we continue to offer the same quality service at a fair cost.  We are quite proud that during that time, most of our growth can be attributed to referrals from our clients.

In 1985 we started with a pretty great technology for the time -- paper message pads and pencils!  Our focus since that time, though,  has been to consistently utilize current technology to benefit our clients and our operation. That is why today we operate our service using our own proprietary web based software that we developed starting in 2011. We continue to use and develop it to offer all of the services and benefits that large corporate answering services offer,  but keeping our small family business customer focus.


We are still a family owned and operated service, but our family has certainly grown. We consider every member of our  wonderful staff and each of our valued clients as family.

We hope that you too will consider joining our Contact One family!


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